HI-SHIELD Box Set iPhone13 Tempered Glass,Camera Lens,Cas iPhone13 Series




HI-SHIELD Box Set iPhone13 consists of

3D Triple Strong Max clear glass film, lifetime warranty.
Film Camera Lens One Piece
Crystal Shield Clear Case


HI-SHIELD 3D Triple Strong tempered glass film
- Anti-scratch tempered glass film, 3 times stronger (treated for more than 6 hours)
- The edge of the glass is highly flexible and strong. Can absorb more impact than normal clear glass
- 0.33mm thick tempered glass, impact resistant 9H
- Tested to release a 64 gram steel drum up to 300 cm high, the glass still protects the screen from shocks and won't break.
- Glass is made from the world-class glass company Corning Gorilla Glass from USA
- Slippery touch screen Reduce the occurrence of oily stains. Excellent fingerprints and scratches
- Easy to install, can be done by yourself

Lifetime product warranty

camera lens protector
- Protect both lens and frame in one piece.
- Clear glass, clear photos as usual, no flash
- Corning Glass from USA
- The glass has been baked for 4 hours.
- Reduce oily stains, good fingerprint stains
-hardness 9H

Clear case, beautiful design, comfortable to hold.
- Shockproof 4 points, camera, back corner, front corner, edge of the machine
- Drop test 1.5 m.
- Scratch resistant
- Can be charged via wireless
- Case does not suck the machine
- Added Bayer TPU material to protect the yellow case
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